Following the most recent news about the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are forced to take exceptional measures to prevent the spread of the disease. Therefore, hereby we inform to you about the bases of our contingency plan:

  • All meetings and face-to-face visits are canceled until the end of March, being replaced by meetings on a videoconference basis;
  • Until the end of this month, our offices will be open on a “minimum services” basis. In practice, this means that only the collection and receipt of official and accounting documents will be maintained;
  • During the referred period, the normal and daily interactions of customers with our technicians, will be done exclusively via email and telephone; there will be an element of our team that will receive all calls, will manage and forward them to the person in question;
  • We emphasize that, at the time of writing this press release, there are no suspected cases of contamination in our team; it is foreseen that all our employees work from home, thus ensuring, and as far as possible, normality in the fulfillment of the tasks resulting from each one's work;
  • It is also important to underline that all tax obligations of our customers, within the scope of our functions, are assured;
  • UWU Solutions currently has a set of internal processes based on the latest technology, so it is possible for us to adapt quickly to this reality of teleworking.

Due to the circumstances, we made this decision with the main objective of ensuring the most precious asset: the health of all of us.

We are obviously at your disposal to answer any questions on this matter.

Kind Regards.

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